TEFL Prague Reviews – the real and the pseudo “real” :-)

So, you have decided to take a TEFL/TESOL course and you have narrowed down your search to TEFL/TESOL schools in Prague, which is probably the reason why you would be in a position where you might find this article both interesting and relevant.

To begin with, there are a handful of TEFL/TESOL schools in Prague, all offering pretty much the same thing (although each will vehemently claim that his or her course offers more, blah, blah, blah). There are also quite a few companies who advertise courses around the world, including Prague, but which actually don’t run the course themselves. No. They just collect your course deposit and then pass you over to one of the schools in Prague who have an agreement with them to do so and this means that you basically went through a company to get to another company where you will take your TEFL/TESOL course with. Why pay more for the same service, right? So, to begin with here are the schools in Prague currently actually running the international TEFL/TESOL course:


Edua Languages

Oxford TEFL

TLH Prague

TEFL Worldwide Prague

A few of these above schools work with the “international” umbrella companies I mentioned above which act as a net for catching Clients for these schools and in doing so charging these Clients more than if they had applied directly through the school’s website. As an example, ITTP TEFL Prague is one of the more established Prague TEFL/TESOL schools which NEVER uses this deceptive business practice. If you sign up for a ITTP TEFL/TESOL course then you are assured that you will only be dealing with ITTP members of staff throughout your TEFL/TESOL course experience. Not all schools can guarantee this.

No matter how passionately each school owner might feel  about their school and the courses which they run, it’s a fact that all the courses run in Prague are essentially equal in measure. The end certificate will be the same and the benefit of each certificate when presented to a school employer will also measure equally. The only real difference comes to the job assistance programs of each program and how much each school helps in the finding of work both during training and post training. This should be a question which you ask a school before committing to any particular TEFL/TESOL program.

Furthermore, I would be extremely wary of some of the TEFL review websites out there which claim to be independent, especially those which run TEFL school advertising on their sites.
We recommend http://www.tefl-courses-reviews.com because they don’t promote any TEFL school advertising and experience has shown to us that they really evaluate each and every review which is published on their site. This means that you can be assured that reviews are published based on authenticity and not perhaps influenced by a site owners affiliation with a certain or certain TEFL/TESOL schools.

You may also of course feel free to leave your comments in the box below.


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