A response to a negative review

Hi 🙂

Our attention was recently brought to an online dialogue, initiated by a HBlendon (of whom we have no records of ever having taken one of our courses) in which this individual claims that we (ITTP) fake reviews and have terrible accommodation. On top of this HBlendon also describes his course experience with ITTP as being far from a positive one.

Firstly, we would like to apologize unreservedly to HBlendon if he or she did in fact take one of our courses and experienced such appalling service. HBlendon, could you please contact me directly to just confirm for me that you are a Client of the program so that we can then take a look at your complaint and see how we can compensate you. We have been running courses now for over 10 years and we really care about the reputation of our company and school product and whilst the vast majority of Clients are satisfied we do understand that not everyone can be and we always encourage both negative and positive feedback so that we can identify where we are going right and where perhaps more work needs to be done to further improve our service.

Secondly, regarding tefl review websites:
I would be extremely wary of some of the TEFL review websites out there which claim to be independent, especially those which run TEFL school advertising on their sites. We had a very unpleasant experience with a couple of these sites last year after receiving some unusual negative reviews (the timing of which coincided with the negative review published by HBlendon) and the behavior of the owners demonstrated to us that perhaps their insistence of being independent and unbiased wasn’t exactly reflected in real terms.
We recommend http://www.tefl-courses-reviews.com (previously tefl-reviews.com) because they don’t promote any TEFL school advertising and experience has shown to us that they really evaluate each and every review which is published on their site.
You may view our Onsite course reviews reviews here: http://tefl-courses-reviews.com/ITTP-Prague-TEFL-Prague.html
You may view our Online course reviews reviews here: http://tefl-courses-reviews.com/ittp-tefl-online.html

In addition, we also run this company blog which lists (among other things) student feedback and company partner information:

We have recently partnered up with Lufthansa airlines and UNICEF. Regarding UNICEF, a percentage of the fee from every new student who signs up for one of our courses goes directly to UNICEF. UNICEF help children in need around the world and we are proud to be charity partner with them.
We have also featured in the international press:

With over 10 years company experience in international TEFL/TESOL and with over a thousand Graduates to date, we really have no need to fake reviews. It is true that our accommodation option a few years ago was not the best but since March 2012 we have had new accommodation which seems to be bringing us excellent feedback through the verified reviews received on tefl-courses-reviews.com.

Once again HBlendon, we do apologize if you had a bad experience with us and if you could please get in touch with me and I will make sure that your complaint is heard and acted upon. Please feel free to email me directly:
Thank you.

We also want to thank http://www.teflpraguereviews.wordpress.com for allowing us the space and time to publish this response here.

Hezky den!/Lovely day!

Neville 🙂

ITTP – International Tefl Tesol Program



  1. Harry Shires · · Reply

    How sad. 7 years later I’m still visiting the lovely people at ITTP Prague. Best times of my life 🙂

  2. Thank you very much Harry for your input. Yes, I remember when you took the course with us – all those years ago now 🙂 It’s a shame because the vast majority of our Clients feel as you do but it’s the odd one here and there, as any business will explain, that feels negative about their experience and it’s our job to see firstly if it really is a Graduate of the program (it can happen that the competition writes bad reviews on another school’s behalf), and if it is authentic feedback then we need to find out why that Client wasn’t satisfied so that we can improve that area of our service if the complaint is constructive and really holds merit. Luckily, most of our Clients feel as you do Harry but at the same time any negative feedback is an opportunity for us to improve and learn more about our Client base. Btw, I heard you are now teaching in the UK so all the best with that and if you ever happen to be in Prague then pls feel absolutely free to pop in for a tea and chat. Hezky den!/Lovely day! Neville 🙂 ITTP TEFL Prague: http://www.tefl-prague.com / ITTP TEFL Online: http://www.tefl-tesol-online.com

  3. seth richmond · · Reply

    you have so many positive reviews and your school has such a good reputation. why bother on this one bad apple who obviously has more time than sense? life is too short. i took your tesl course online after a recommendation from one of my friends who did the ittp course in prague and totally loved the study material and the quick responses from my tutor. i’ll go onto that reviews website and post my feedback on the ittp tefl online program and i’ll ask my friend who took the ittp tefl prague course to do the same. i also don’t mind answering any questions if anyone wants some impartial and objective feedback from my experience as a very satisfied ittp tefl student.

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