Unbiased Tesol, Tesl, Celta, Tefl course reviews by real people.
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  1. I would like to second this post. Not all schools do but some schools, especially newer schools trying to drum up more business, may resort to fabricating positive reviews in an attempt at creating a sense that their course is somehow established and recommended. I also know of a few of the more established schools which have a bad reputation and which try and clutter the net with their fake positive reviews (including fake Facebook profiles). At ITTP TEFL/TESOL we have a long history within the field of international TEFL/TESOL and have no need to fake reviews. Our Graduates speak for themselves and we always recommend http://www.tefl-courses-reviews.com for when a Graduate expresses a wish to leave a review (positive or negative). From now on we will also recommend this website (http://www.teflpraguereviews.wordpress.com) to our Graduates for their feedback. Hope it helps! Neville 🙂 ITTP TEFL Prague: http://www.tefl-prague.com / ITTP TEFL Online: http://www.tefl-tesol-online.com

  2. Lucy Wright · · Reply

    Excellent link. There are some very suspect reviews sites out there, of which a few immediately spring to mind. It’s not too difficult to see the schools they are affiliated to by the amount of shameless advertising they allow them to have. As a general rule of thumb any reviews site which also allows advertising from a company listed in its reviews directory is more than likely corrupt and has been set up to funnel potential students to their preferred schools. Shame on them! tefl-courses-reviews.com I can see has no advertising so I’d recommend this site over the ones with advertising.

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